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05 September 2011

Media coverage..

 [Why] 막걸리 빚어 마시는 멋에 취하고… 나만의 맛에 반하고 - 1등 인터넷뉴스 조선닷컴 

OK. But homemade makgeolli is not easy if you care even slightly about taste. I've had my fair share, and a tasty batch is just as hard to make as either wine or beer.

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01 September 2011

Labor Day Picnic

We'll be sharing and selling kombucha, kefir, wonju (flavors include omija, mushroom, and plain samyangju), and hopefully passing along some cultures for anyone who's interested.

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22 June 2011

Jeolju and byeolju (절주, 별주)

The former is made with very little water and filters out like pudding or yogurt. The latter is used as a source of cheongju and as a result is very light.

10 June 2011

JoongAng Interview; More Booze Than We Can Possibly Drink

We can't know how it will look in print, but this interview and the journalist who conducted it were both much more pleasant than any of our previous experiences. No leading questions, genuine interest, and in fact a good number of open questions for us to field as we were naturally compelled..

And more booze than we could possibly drink.

09 May 2011

Byeokhyangju (벽향주): Fragrant Jade liquor

Today's visit to Susubori Academy has us making an old recipe from the Eumsik Dimibang (음식디미방), an old collection of writings concerning, among other things, ancient makgeolli recipes which we are learning.

Our recipe:

1st fermentation (밑술):

- 1kg Korean short grain rice, soaked and ground

- 2L water, boiled and let stand to cool

- 150g nuruk, traditional wheat based

The dough should stand at a constant temperature of approximately 24C for 48 hours.

2nd fermentation (덧술):

- 2kg Korean short grain rice, soaked and steamed

- 1L water, boiled and let stand to cool

- 30g whole wheat flour

More on this iyangju as it develops...

17 March 2011

Makgeolli Class Opening

Susubori is accepting students for the March 26th Saturday class, which will concern the foundation of makgeolli recipes and provide about a liter of homebrew to take home and watch as the rice breaks down and becomes a fizzy, fantastic beverage.

25 February 2011


While we've been out of town on family business, we've been able to get something that we've long done without in Korea: Kombucha!

But then again, with such readily available supplies, would we have ever learned to make it ourselves?

Reminder: Craftworks will be holding a "Fermentation Celebration" in early March, so come on out and try our Kombucha!